Citizenship Trainers

Dic, Jue 31
8:00 am
Dic, Jue 31
5:00 pm
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Thank you for joining us in the Citizenship Trainers course. This course develops and strengthens your skills to train, at school, citizens who act in a constructive way in a democratic society, particularly in three areas of citizenship: peaceful coexistence, democratic participation and valuing differences. If you are interested in contributing to the construction of a peaceful, democratic and inclusive society through education, this is the place where you can learn essential pedagogical tools to fulfill that mission. Although the course presents ideas that can be useful for educational actors in general, the examples and strategies are particularly aimed at teachers in school contexts. Bearing in mind that training for the active, critical and constructive exercise of citizenship is a priority need in current contexts, the course presents the themes, issues, problems and concepts that are indispensable for promoting the development of citizenship skills in children and young people in training. In order to achieve this, it is proposed to analyze citizenship through the progressive expansion of its application contexts: individual, interpersonal, group, community and world. In addition to these conceptual understandings, the course offers the opportunity to develop the participants´ didactic capacities, who will be able to design pedagogical strategies oriented to the development of their students´ citizenship competencies and to the construction of democratic learning environments that favor such development.The activities proposed in the course are designed in such a way that the participants can appropriate conceptual and pedagogical tools from the principle of "learning by doing", where they will be permanently putting into practice such learning. This is a highly flexible course that allows participants to choose different learning paths to concentrate on the contents of their interest and/or the level of deepening they want to achieve for each of them. Thus, the course will allow, especially school teachers, to develop and strengthen the capacities that will enable them to educate for citizenship, forming active and critical citizens, who respect difference, who know and make use of the mechanisms of participation for the transformation of their communities and who resolve peacefully and constructively the conflicts and challenges that society poses to them in their role as citizens of their lives, of their community and of the world.

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