Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming in Java

Oct, Sáb 31
8:00 am
Oct, Sáb 31
5:00 pm
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Welcome to the Introduction to Java Object Programming course at the Universidad de los Andes! The purpose of this course is to provide you with an interactive environment oriented to build learning about the Java programming language for object creation and manipulation. The pedagogical strategy employed is active case-based learning. It is a highly interactive course that constantly challenges you to answer questions, verify your understanding, exercise in code, solve cases at different levels and multiple opportunities to move from theory to practice with training activities that will allow you to gain experience points, competence points and skill points, with which you will develop abstraction and programming skills.

In addition, you can use two web applications developed by the Universidad de los Andes that are new and important for the development of programming skills:1. CupiExams: Exercise software in Java code, which offers automatic feedback on incorrect code writing and grades the programming process, that is, it tells you if the result is right or wrong, where it was wrong and why.2CupiTips: Another web application where you can find a list of common errors that are made when programming in Java and allows the student to correct them so that they can learn from them.

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