Specialized Program Effective Leadership for the 21st Century

Oct, Sáb 31
8:00 am
Oct, Sáb 31
5:00 pm
Free Event

The specialized program "Effective Leadership for the 21st Century" is aimed at anyone interested in connecting with their purposes and deepening their skills to progress in very complex personal and collective challenges. The program is designed to enable the student to own a methodology of intervention (which we call a conscious leadership spiral) and develop and apply a toolbox to mobilize people (themselves and others) to work on solving the complex challenges that affect and matter to them. The program is especially useful for people in high and middle management in public, private and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). It is also useful for community leaders and activists. It is useful in general for people who work with people and need to develop skills and tools to create communities that work together, to advance the issues that matter to them, from groups with diverse opinions and interests. It will also be useful for people interested in learning how to improve the outcomes they see in their most personal sphere of life.
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