Treasures of Physics and its Discoverers

Oct, Sáb 31
8:00 am
Oct, Sáb 31
5:00 pm
Free Event

Do you know that we travel through space on the planet Earth that moves and spins very fast and we don´t notice it? Or do you notice effects of its movement? What is our place in the universe? How does the universe work? What are its fundamental laws? Questions, many questions! In the spirit of discovery, our curiosity motivates us to seek answers, to explore our surroundings, to enter the unknown and find new knowledge. We receive as true treasures the contributions of those who preceded us in the adventure that is science, physics in particular. We associate these treasures with the scientists who found them. Knowing the discoverers, the knowledge of physics becomes more human. We place ourselves in what was the thinking of their contemporaries to contrast and recognize how extraordinary their innovative achievements were, how they impacted in their time, and then taking a distance, we value what effect they have had as remarkable results, which transcend their era and endure to us and perhaps even to distant times in the future.

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