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Publish events in different categories

Our users always filter by tastes or preferences. See the published categories
Season Events
Sort your event according to the holiday of the month. Example: mother´s month, father´s month, love and friendship, holidays, Christmas and so on.
Virtual Concerts
Publish all your concerts. Example: Reggaeton, Merengue, Salsa, Rock, Jazz, Tango, Boleros, Carrilera, Popular, Tropipop, musicals and many more.
Virtual Plays
Publish your stand up comedy, dramaturgy, musicals, performance, comedy, drama, monologues and many more.
Virtual Parties
Publish all kinds of celebrations. Example: parties, end of year parties, DJ presentations, anniversaries, cultural and musical parties and many more.
Virtual Sports
Publish all your sporting events. Example: walks, marathons, courses, competitions, games, adventures, among others.
Virtual Education
Publish all your educational events. Example: courses, conferences, seminars, workshops, congresses and others.
Virtual to Children
Publish all your children´s events. Example: recreational holidays, workshops, film club, sports, toy libraries and many more.
Virtual Gastronomy
Publish all your gastronomic events. Example: courses, tastings, festivals, farmers´ markets, master classes and so on.
Virtual Business
Publish all your business events. Example: launches, fairs, exhibitions, tourism, promotions and many more.
Virtual Culture
Publish all your cultural events. Example: expositions, gatherings, bazaars, fairs, tours, concerts, tributes and so on.
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Thousands of people are looking for new forms of online entertainment

Here´s how it works.

We have reinvented ourselves, it is now possible to publish for free and receive voluntary contributions from your viewers.

The event is live and to receive voluntary contributions it is necessary to have an active account on YouTube Live or Zoom.

Your event can be seen from anywhere in the world, feel free to share it with everyone you know and tell them to share it.

If you have a question, do not worry, our experts are ready to assist you to ensure that the information you provide to users is appropriate.

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