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Publish all your concerts. Example: Reggaeton, Merengue, Salsa, Rock, Jazz, Tango, Boleros, Carrilera, Popular, Tropipop, musicals and many more.
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Publish all your business events. Example: launches, fairs, exhibitions, tourism, promotions and many more.
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I am passionate about everything the digital world has to offer in communication, marketing and design. I love to create strategic plans to achieve goals and build content that generates impact on audiences.
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SI am passionate about my profession as a social communicator - journalist, and interested in designing organizational strategies. I like to keep everything in order, watch movies, eat a lot and love animals.
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I am passionate about interdisciplinary design, illustration, art, film, friendly people and cooking.
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I am a public accountant and entrepreneur who enjoys designing accounting and tax strategies and solutions. I love to travel, enjoy healthy food and dogs.
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I am passionate about developing and directing technology projects involving millions of users, music and art fans.
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I love accounting, I love travelling, discovering the charm of new places, getting to know new flavours (especially sweet ones). I´m outgoing, uncomplicated, cheerful and very sociable; I love teamwork, because numbers, discipline and perseverance are my thing!
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I am passionate about photography, design and visual arts. I love participating in outdoor activities, food, good wines and a good book
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